Historic Support Calls for Change at City Hall

AUSTIN, TX – Steve Adler, candidate for Mayor of Austin, released his July 15 fundraising report today, in which he reported raising $366,191.82 from 1,444 donors. The seven-week fundraising total is the most raised in a city election under current campaign laws.

Adler’s total includes one contribution from the campaign committee of former State Representative Scott Hochberg, a noted education expert who worked extensively with Steve on school finance issues in the legislature. Every other Adler contribution came from an individual.

“Steve understands that everyone needs to have a seat at the table in our new 10-1 system,” restaurateur and donor Eddie Bernal said. “I have 300 employees that are contending with our traffic congestion, rising rents, and growing lack of affordability. These problems have only gotten worse in the last eight years. Steve Adler is our chance to make progress so we don’t lose what makes Austin special.”

This first seven-week reporting period tally is the highest amount raised in a municipal election for any one candidate under the present campaign laws for not only the first period but for an entire general election cycle (since the implementation of new campaign fundraising rules limiting individuals to a $350 maximum contribution to any one political candidate).

“Property taxes are too high, and our city is becoming unaffordable for regular families,” said Rossana Barrios, a local government IT employee and donor. “We need new leadership to help us solve our problems, not the status quo. The status quo is what got us here.”
Brandon Mond, a University of Texas student who donated $25 to the campaign, said “I’m excited about Steve because I feel like young people and students will have a voice at City Hall when he is elected Mayor.”

“I am grateful,” Adler said, “and it represents what I hear from Austin citizens all over town– they are eager for new leadership and a new way forward, especially when it comes to traffic and affordability.”

“Absolutely we raised a lot of money – more in 7 weeks than previously raised in an entire election cycle – but it’s about the number of donors,” said Adler Finance Director Laura Hernandez. “1,444 supporters contributed to Steve Adler’s campaign. We averaged 27 donors a day. There’s overwhelming enthusiasm for change to get things done rather than the same old politics.”

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