Filing Begins For Austin Mayor, Council Races

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Candidates can officially file to run for Austin mayor today, or any of the ten new city council seats in Austin.

Candidates have just under four weeks to file for the ballot. Sign-ups end August 18th at 5 p.m. You get your say November 4th, on Election Day, along with other local and state races including the governor’s race. Some of the races have as many as ten candidates so they may be settled in a runoff. If that happens, the runoff will be held on December 16th. Council members are sworn in on January 6th of next year.

Records show attorney Steve Adler is leading the financial race to be Austin’s next mayor, but candidates are telling their own narratives.

Money can translate into buying power to get a candidate’s name and positions out to the voters.

Council members Mike Martinez and Sheryl Cole have exposure through city council.

Still, it’s Steve Adler, an attorney, leading in the finances. He raised more than $366,191.82 in the most recent reporting. However, he also had the most out in loans $194,000.00.

“The Adler campaign raised $366,000 from 1,444 donors in seven weeks. During that period, Adler also loaned his campaign $194,000 for a total of $560,000 in funds,” said Ron Oliveira, Adler Campaign Communications Director.

Martinez raised more than $160,000.

Cole raised $93,870.

The other candidates raised less in this race.

Some of the candidates behind in finances say it’s not all about the money. They’re running for this office and they don’t want to take money from what they consider special interests.