Our Property Tax System is Broken and We Need A New Way Forward to Protect Austin Homeowners

Steve Adler, Candidate for Austin Mayor issued the following statement:

“Residential property owners are being unfairly burdened with property taxes. The city and local governments should have challenged the system years ago. There is nothing new about this problem and it is good to see Travis County considering action now.

Politicians should be honest when they talk to taxpayers about raising taxes, regardless of what they do with the tax rates. Taxpayers deserve truth in taxation.”

As Steve Adler mentioned in his campaign announcement speech on May 4th, “We must hold the line on property taxes and utility rates, join forces to seek a fairer tax system that doesn’t disproportionately rely on the value of our homes.”

While Adler’s 34 year legal practice has not dealt with tax valuations, it has included litigating property value issues on behalf of landowners.  Additionally, he focused on property tax issues (and school finance) in his eight years working at the legislature as a Senator’s chief of staff.